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Why Us ?


All the visitors to this site must be curious for why to deal with us when there are various pet shops around the city. Well here are the answers for your query Ė

1. We have the largest database of pets all across and can easily arrange a pet according to your needs.

2. You will get the most competitive price compared to the quality you would get.

3. We guarantee the quality you ask us and the price you pay for it. At the time of giving a pet you we would give you a quality certificate for that pet. At anytime you feel that the pet is not up to the mark to the quality certificate you can return the pet and take your money back.

4. And lastly we give you a lifetime support which includes tips for caring and handling of the pet.

5. We also assist you in choosing a pet for your home. Choosing a pet is the most difficult task and if a wrong pet is chosen your daily routine could be disturbed a lot extent.

6. You get a chance to display your photograph along with you pet on our website. Flaunt your pet to the world.

7. You donít have to visit anyone personally. All you have to do is fill up the form on contact us page or call us. No matter which part of the country you are in we will be at your service.